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With regard to the commercial activity, our company became specialized in selling spare parts for combustion engines, both Diesel and petrol.
Our permanent offer includes a wide selection of parts for Diesel and petrol engines, such as: 

  • nozzles of injectors, injectors, heat and flame plugs, high pressure lines,
  • injection pumps and their parts,
  • pump-injectors, turbo compressors and their parts,
  • timing belts, V-belts, filters (for petrol, oil, air),
  • petrol pumps, Lambda probes, flow meters, sparking-plugs,
  • high voltage lines, ignition modules and parts of the ignition steering,
  •  temperature sensors, sensors (of: the accelerator, revs, injection angle adjusters, supercharging pressure, air-conditioning, ABS, ASR and other). 



The store offer includes over 4000 items of the most rotating parts, made by such producers of the primary equipment, as: Bosch, Delphi, Lucas, Stanadyne, Nippon Denso, Yanmar, Motorpal, PZL Mielec, WSK Ursus, Garrett, Holset , Schwitzer, IHI Turbo, Mitsubishi Turbochargers, KKK, and such substitutes as: Tomco, Firad, Wuzetem, Parts.



Every, even the most atypical part, will be delivered - against order, which will be generally realized within three working days.      We also offer a very broad range of factory regenerated whole and complete subassemblies of the engine accessories, such as injection pumps, CR pumps, injectors, pump-injectors, starters, alternators and others.   Everywhere where the service repair is uneconomic, we suggest subassemblies in the BX exchange system. The old subassembly will be sent back to its producer and we will install a factory regenerated one in the engine.   



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